To start and run a company at an early age takes courage and vision. Our Young Founder of the Year award celebrates promising young founders with the potential to build a successful company, become a good leader and develop into a role model for other young entrepreneurs.

This year's finalists include four founders, two men and two women, who tirelessly navigated the challenges of entrepreneurship and have done so in the midst of this global pandemic.  

The winners are chosen by qualified founders acting as jury during the Twenty Year Anniversary Founders Awards Gala on September 16, where they will receive the Annual Rings Gold and Silver Award. The esteemed jury of the Young Founder of the Year is comprised of the following founders: Gustaf Brandberg - Gullspång Invest; Patricia Olby Kimondo - People Productions; Kristina Lindhe - Lexington; Elvira Eriksson - Mockberg and Victor Stensson - Bokio. 


Name: Ida Norström
Company:  Founder of Energy Effective Solutions Mälardalen
Founded: 2018

Energy Effective Solutions AB (EES) is an installation company in the electricity industry whose main focus is to provide energy-smart electrical installations. Our main business consists of: Solar Cells (Photovoltaic), Electric car charger (EV-chargers), Smart home systems and Electrical installations. 2019 – the first year went very well. We wanted to increase the pace in 2020, but at the same time grow organically and build a buffer for future ventures. We have had organic growth in sales from 2019 to 2020 of approximately 35% - and we are considering raising capital to increase our growth at a higher pace in 2022-2023, when we have a strong buffer. 

Name: Sebastian Salomonsson
Company: SebSalo Energi 
Founded: 2015

At SebSalo, we work with everything related to heating and plumbing installations in properties and homes. We work dedicatedly and are involved in large and small projects. We want to provide the best service and the highest quality in the industry. We are constantly working to develop new ideas and solutions. We offer efficient and sustainable solutions, we want to help our customers and take responsibility for our work.

Name: Petronella Gustafsson
Company: Progress Me
Founded: 2018

Progress Me’s vision is to prevent eating disorders. Petronella Gustafsson, founder and CEO has herself fought with an eating disorder and later on discovered the lack within the healthcare system. Through experiential knowledge Progress Me works with digital tools where the solution consists of an mobile app, a web-community and SaaS-solution with focus on both the affected and relative.

Name: Anton Fast och Simon Geldner
Company: Ophena
Founded: 2018

Ophena revolutionized the equestrian industry with the world's first magnetic safety stirrup sold direct-to-consumer. With 750 verified customer reviews, averaging 4.9 / 5 stars, riders are craving our products. Our philosophy is to deliver the very best products with world-leading customer service for a reasonable price. With customers in over 70 countries and a growth of factor four in the last year, our goal is to become the most desired equestrian brand in the world.