corporate governance policy


ethical values as a basis of decision making



Corporate Governance regulates the direct and indirect control of decision making in the Founders Alliance.


Founders Alliance is characterized by fundamental ethical values such as transparency, humility and mutual support between colleagues.

Discrimination based on gender, origin, disability, sexual orientation or other similar grounds is strictly prohibited.


For Founders Alliance, legal and moral social responsibility is a natural commitment.

Founders Alliance and its employees must create an open workplace based on humility in the face of challenges, stress and conflicts.

The members are behind these values and policies for social responsibility. They have a sense of responsibility and deliver quality products and services in their companies. 

Nevertheless, the members of Founders Alliance are considered to be responsible for their business and the consequences thereof. 

The members of Founders Alliance carry all responsibility for all their business activities and the consequences thereof. Founders Alliance as organization or member of Founders Alliance staff carry no legal responsibility or liability for any matters relating to any business engagement or activities of any Founders Alliance member;

  • between individual members;

  • between companies wholly or partly owned by members;

or the likes thereof.

We do not accept members whose turnover emanates from the pornography and weapons industries.

Founders Alliance reserves the right to seek further information about applicant members if there are reasons to do so. 


Our benchmarks are that our members should give each other mutual support and show openness and humility. 

Both Founder Alliance and the members shall strive for high quality, long-term perspective and learning.

We advocate learning between members as well as a commitment to the development of Founders Alliance.

The information our members receive in connection with collaboration meetings of Founders Alliance concerning members' companies, challenges, and that is of a personal nature may not be disseminated or used without consent.

Sales and market-related information is not permitted to be sent to members without Founders Alliance approval.