Lova Svensson and Amanda Mattsson, founders of Period Pack Sweden received the Growth Rings in Silver for the global award Young Founder of the Year at the Founders Awards Gala held at Stockholm City Hall on September 22.

“It's delightful to see that our work is appreciated since it helps such a large part of our population. We are to say the least, incredibly happy, thankful and proud over the award.”, says Lova Svensson and Amanda Mattsson.

Lova Svensson and Amanda Mattsson founded Period Pack Sweden 2019 and are the sole owners. Period Pack Sweden is headquartered in Örebro, Sweden and is established in Scandinavia.

The company is selling dispensers made for menstrual products as a subscription service to workplaces, schools and municipalities with the goal to make sanitary protection in bathrooms as natural and accessible as toilet paper and soap.

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Photo: Jean Lapin

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