Founders Alliance in Helsinki. We want to thank all our collaborators and members in Helsinki for four days with extensive and deep exchange. 

A special thanks to:
Markus Wartiovaara for hosting us at Hanken School of Economics & Unicorn Night
Jaakko Wäänänen, hosting Founders Ambassador Members at Hellon
Monika Liikamaa for creating a great program for Founders Group International Growth
Pirkka Palomäki for guesting and sharing experiences on tech growth financing
Jakob Wikström for hosting Founders Group SaaS at Mobal
Claude Finckenberg and the whole Knights of Nordics organisation for great events, networking and congratulations to the 10 year Anniversary

Founders Alliance brings together founders; operational leaders and main owners of mid and large size companies that thrive to develop long term large scale companies and act as responsible owners. With main focus for participating in Founders Groups for valuable knowledge exchange, to master highly scalable and international impactful companies in multiple business sectors.

We are looking forward to continuing our global large scale founders exchange including more great founders out of Finland. Join us at the 9th Founders World Summit in Stockholm September 19-20, 2023. 

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