Thank you Peder Asplund, Founder of Agapi Boat Club for hosting this Boat Cruise in the Stockholm Archipelago, and enabling us large scale founders, as part of the 8th Founders World Summit, to enjoy the beauty of Stockholm with its nearly 30.000 islands. Read more here:


Agapi Boating is a privately owned company that was founded in 2006 and has its headquarters in Stockholm. Peder Asplund and Alejandra Levinas Asplund are the founders and the driving force behind the initiative, inspired by their own insight and vision to create a new kind of boating life. 

The company started with boat charter operations which quickly developed in 2010 to design and build internationally awarded boat models under the name Agapi. The launch of the first own boat model introduced a new direction in the boat market. Innovation in design, construction and production created a boat that was spacious and fast as well as easily transportable plus very seaworthy.

After a successful year of customer tests in Sweden in 2015, Agapi Boat Club was launched commercially in 2016.  Offering a boating life with access to premium models and exclusive service at the level that Agapi Boat Club does is unique today. That despite developments around the sharing economy and subscriptions.

Agapi 950

Agapi Boat Club is a leader in subscription finance for those looking for a high quality boating experience both in terms of private users and corporate membership. Agapi challenges the boating industry in a positive way and drives a new paradigm where the user and a long-term sustainable boating life are at the center.

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