Sebastian Salomonsson, founder of SebSalo Energi was awarded The Growth Rings in Silver as Young Founder of the Year at the Founders Awards Gala the 16th September 2021.

Sebastian Salomonsson, SebSalo Energi

SebSalo Energi works with everything related to heating and plumbing installations in properties and homes, and helps their customers by taking a holistic approach and taking total responsibility for the entire project - from start to finish.

SebSalo Energi offers their customers energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable solutions and wants to provide the best service and the highest quality in the industry.

The company has an efficient production program with a sustainable use of resources, always aiming to simplify the working methods, thus increasing efficiency.

SebSalo are constantly working to develop new ideas and solutions to help both clients and co-workers to create a safe and profitable business.