Petronella Gustafsson, founder of Progress Me, was awarded The Growth Ring in Silver as Young Founder of the Year at the Founders Awards Gala the 16th of September 2021.

Petronella Gustafsson - Progress Me

Progress Me’s vision is to prevent eating disorders. With the use of evidence-based methods, Progress Me creates tools in digital format, via a mobile app, platform and community with focus on both the affected individual as well as relatives.

Progress Me is the result of a personal fight, a fight against a terrible disease called eating disorder and a wish to help others in the same situation. Working via digital channels means help is more accessible compared to traditional care.

The company works actively to prevent illness and to support young people who are actually experiencing it or who have had some form of eating disorder. The focus is on self-esteem and self-confidence but also offers support to parents and other relatives.