Ida Norström, founder of Energy Effective Solution, was awarded The Growth Rings in Gold as Young Founder of the Year at the Founders Awards Gala the 16th of September, 2021.

Jury Motivation for Ida Norström
 "The winner has shown an impressive determination and a strong and mature leadership, based on a clear vision addressing a big and escalating societal challenge."

Ida Norström - Energy Effective Solutions

Energy Effective Solutions, EES, is an installation company in the electricity industry whose main focus is to provide energy-smart electrical installations. The company has grown organically right from the start in order to build a buffer for future ventures. 

EES works to reduce society's carbon footprint through installations focused on optimizing energy use and renewable energy production. By installing solar cells, electric car chargers, smart home systems and electrical installations the company helps their customers decrease negative environmental impact.

EES supports local sports associations with a focus on women and girl teams, and also collaborates with high schools to educate the next generation of electricians.