We warmly welcome our members and large scale founders headquartered in The Netherlands to the Founders Conference in Amsterdam on April 6.

During the Founders conference, the Founders Groups will work at The Hoxton and The Pulitzer in Amsterdam on common issues and bring value to each other. A well balanced mix between time for the groups own agendas, workshops and one-to-one meetings also outside the group with the opportunity for social and professional exchange between all founders.

April 6, 2022 Founders Conference in Amsterdam

company visit at teleport amsterdam


We invite you to visit the office of Teleport Amsterdam founded by Founders Alliance member Vladimir Borisov. A real-life production company that produces individual immersive psychological experiences.



our members


Our members are founders of one or more large scale companies. At Founders Alliance you meet only first generation founders. To become a member you must meet the criteria based on present or previous merits of being a founder and principal owner of a company with at least MEUR 2 in revenue. Exempt from the above is made if a founder brings specific value to the other participating founders.

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