Rickard Zetterberg, founder of OGRAFY (former S-GROUP). Winner Founder of the Year who was awarded the Annual Rings in Gold by Founders Alliance.

Jury Motivation for Rickard Zetterberg

“A complete entrepreneur who combines long and stable growth and high profits with a strong vision for the future in geographical information systems. He runs the company with clear key figures about customers, employees and societal benefits, with an unusually good combination of how market and sales work together to win business with customers in 40 countries. ”

In 1995, Rickard Zetterberg laid the foundation for what is today OGRAFY. The company specializes in creating modern and efficient IT support where the situation is in focus for public companies and private companies, and software development takes place in close collaboration with customers and users.

OGRAFY has customers in about 30 countries and its own operations in Sweden, Finland and Lithuania. Rickard is also involved in helping other entrepreneurs who start companies with both expertise and capital.