We are happy to welcome our new Founders Group Member Richard Romanowski, Co-Founder and Executive Director at eleXsys Energy, trading in Australia as Planet Ark Power and headquartered in the Greater Brisbane Area in Australia.

Richard is a member of Founders Alliance Climate Group, collaborating with other founders in a sector most important to our future planet. The group focuses on valuable knowledge exchange to benefit the members in the group to master highly scalable and internationally impactful companies and organisations in the wider Climate Sector as Founders and/or as Owners/Investors. Founders Climate Group Members: Sabina E. von Arx Sacha Ghiglione Ulf Stenerhag Giovanni Fili Joachim Karthäuser Ingmar Rentzhog Christopher Engman Richard Romanowski

Richard Romanowski and his co-founder, Dr Bevan Holcombe, started eleXsys energy 10 years ago to help save the Great Barrier Reef as their contribution to saving the planet.

Both co-founders had completed successful careers in electrical engineering (Bevan), and Richard in business mainly as a management consultant delivering transformational business strategies to bring innovative ideas to market.

The co-founders envisioned a distributed, digital, and democratized energy future and commenced developing a technology, eleXsys, that would overcome barriers to this future in a cost effective manner.

Planet Ark Power is the eleXsys technology Master Licensee in Australia and the first of many global master licensees. The eleXsys technology significantly increases the amount of renewable energy that the local distribution grid in our suburbs can install cost effectively, which helps speed up global decarbonization.

The eleXsys Energy technology is a SaaS business model that expands through global partners and Master Licensees. Richard is focusing currently on establishing eleXsys Energy in international markets including the EU, USA and the Asia Pacific, where renewable energy is displacing conventional carbon intensive energy generation.

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Founders Group are at the core of the collaboration between the members. A Founders Group is an exclusive group founders participate in deeper exchange in a trusting forum where founders discuss specific challenges and share experiences. The group consists of a maximum of nine founders who are carefully selected and matched with each other for maximum exchange. 

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