Johan Ihrfelt, founder of OX2 incl Peas Industries, was awarded with the Growth Rings in Gold as Founder of the Year at the Founders Awards Gala in 2020. 

Jury Motivation for Johan Ihrfelt

“The founder has the soul and vision as a very large entrepreneur who has built a billion-dollar company with high profitability in a complex industry. With humility and long-term perspective, the entrepreneur has the ability to build a much larger company with the main driving force to create a positive impression on our environment, which is crucial for humanity. ”

With the start of OX2 in 2004, Johan Ihrfelt and his co-founders wanted to change the energy sector to long-term sustainable.

The company develops, builds and manages renewable power production and has realized almost 2.5 GW of large-scale wind power in Europe.

By constantly being at the forefront of new technical and financial solutions, OX2 increases the availability of renewable energy and drives the transition to a sustainable future.

Johan has also founded and runs Peas Industries, which is also the parent company of OX2.