Helena Casserlöv-Kvist, founder of Meritmind, was awarded with The Growth Rings in Gold as Founder of the Year 2020 by Founders Alliance.

Jury Motivation for Helena Casserlöv-Kvist

“A fantastic entrepreneur and responsible company owner who from scratch has managed to create and build a market-leading service company in an industry that adds crucial expertise to the entire Swedish business community. This founder has the ability to build a large sustainable, long term company in Sweden and internationally, and is a role model for many entrepreneurs. ”

Helena Casserlöv-Kvist is an entrepreneur who always wants to achieve more. In 2000, she founded Meritmind, which are experts in qualified financial services and data-driven management.

Her curiosity, stubbornness and caring are strong driving forces that have brought both Helena and Meritmind forward. Every year, 18,000 candidates apply for jobs via Meritmind and the company has 500 employees.