A warm welcome to our new members Denise Johansson and Monika Liikamaa - co-Founders and co-CEO’s at Nordic payment service provider Enfuce headquartered in Finland. Enfuce was the first in the world to put payment processing into the public cloud and is taking the payments world by storm. Enfuce is one of the leading Fintechs in Europe, with close to 10 million end-users on its platform.

Denise Johansson is a thought leader within payments and open banking as well as an active spokesperson for women in fintech. She has a key role bringing sustainable financial solutions for the world. In the last 15+ years in the payment industry, she has helped numerous European fintechs and financial institutes enter new markets fast with safe, secure and scalable card products, while continuously making the financial industry more sustainable. As the co-founder of a leading European fintech company, Enfuce, her job is to drive the payments revolution for fintechs, banks and merchants.

Monika Liikamaa is a visionary thinker and her 20+ years of experience in the fast-paced payment industry has enabled Enfuce to integrate services for its customers in record time. Building sustainable solutions is a core value of the company and this is made possible thanks to Monika’s wide knowledge of the industry. Monika believes wholeheartedly that a business is nothing without a great team of people, and that is why she has joined forces with industry experts as co-founders and employees.


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