Niklas Hedin, founder of Centiro, was awarded with The Growth Rings in Gold as Founder of the Year at the Founders Awards Gala the 16th of September, 2021.

Jury Motivation for Niklas Hedin
“Determined to build a company /an organisation that is best for the co-worker and best for the customer, the gold winner has created an innovative global company with a unique business model. The next Swedish unicorn.”

Niklas Hedin - Centiro

Centiro is a tech company that connects, empowers, and makes delivery networks available and smarter for marquee brands. All types of goods get delivered on time in over 200 countries thanks to Centiro technology.

Centiro has created a human-centric and award-winning culture and believes businesses are a key driving force in striving towards a sustainable future.

The company exists to be part of the solution for better commerce and a better world, and the initiatives they participate in range in impact from the near local community to global scale.

Centiro contributes and participates with economic resources in several initiatives helping those in need and together building and contributing to a society everyone desires to be part of.