Andrius Francas founder of Alliance for Recruitment received the Growth Rings in Gold for the Global award Founder of the Year category Small Size Companies at the Founders Awards Gala held at Stockholm City Hall on September 22.

“I am honored to receive the Founder of the Year award in the small Size Companies category. This award is a recognition of the journey I started with my Co-founder Vytenis Sidlauskas 11 years ago. It is continued by almost 100 recruitment experts at Alliance for Recruitment family in their daily lives, and I want to thank every single one of them for striving to perfection, focusing on quality and making sure both candidates and clients enjoy the journey together with us.”, says Andrius Francas.

The jury's motivation for Andrius Francas:

“With a strong culture and a family atmosphere this founder has built a company where the stars in the industry grow the company with high quality and impressive numbers. The founder has built a solid platform for healthy profitability and future growth.”

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Photo: Jean Lapin

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