Anastasia Georgiadou, founder of Alminia, was awarded with The Growth Rings in Gold as Founder of the Year at the Founders Awards Gala in 2020. 

Anastasia Georgiadou - Alminia

“A zealous soul who started her company out of a self-perceived problem around her brother's disability. She has a strong commitment to society and drives change for people with disabilities with participation in Swedish business, debates with politicians and young entrepreneurship. Single owner despite a long time in a very price-pressured industry. ”

Anastasia Georgiadou founded the assistance company Alminia in 1995 to provide by far the safest personal assistance. Alminia's values, commitment, competence, respect, care and security, permeate the entire company, which creates security for both employees and customers. In 2010, the business was expanded with home care, and today Alminia is located in 10 locations around Sweden.