Our current food system is in many ways broken and needs to be fundamentally reimagined and rebuilt in order to help create a future where people and the planet can prosper - and business thrive. 

Already now there are many investors and founders building companies within the food sector that are leading the way. But to achieve the necessary change we need to improve both the speed and scale. Sustainability and decarbonization will only be achieved if more business models are transformed around circular and regenerative principles. 

We welcome Anna Strömberg and  at SALLY EY Dobermans Future Manifestation Lab to Founders World Summit. The workshop will start with an introduction on their latest work around how a food system that generates more life and new businesses could look like. 

After introduction an interactive and facilitated workshop will follow where founders building and investing in innovative Food Systems will use their skills and knowledge to further develop new and existing business models that would help shape a preferable future for the people and the planet. 

This workshop is co-created with Founders Group FoodTech.

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