It is defined that the role of founders is to build and own companies that drive necessary change in society for the benefit of all. How do Founders lead this? 

We welcome Johan S Roos, Chief Academic Officer at Hult International Business School, co-inventor of LEGO Serious Play, and owner at Grönadal Egendom Real Estate in South Sweden as facilitator for the workshop - Your Founders' Leadership for Accelerated Impact.

The workshop starts with a short presentation by Dr. Roos based on interviews with Founders Alliance members followed by an interactive workshop. Topics include managing change, culture, ownership, and “guiding principles” for effective leadership. The purpose is to give participants the opportunity to both conceptualize about and share leadership practices. 

Prior to the workshop participants are encouraged to identify one weakness/challenge of its Leadership to be discussed and given input by the other participating founders and Johan S. Roos in the workshop.

This workshop is part of Niclas Carlsson and Johan S Roos multi year collaboration on researching how large scale Founders lead and own companies with the purpose to broaden and accelerate the entrepreneurial footprint and increase essential understanding and awareness of the role of Founders for large scale company creation and accelerated social impact.

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