As part of the Founders World Summit we welcome Emma Rozada, Serial entrepreneur, Founder The Techno Creatives (HQ Sweden) as a most valued speaker and panellist at the Prince’s Gallery tomorrow Enabling Impact in a Dynamic Society led by Female Founders.

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Emma is a serial entrepreneur, and founder of The Techno Creatives. An awarded design & development agency, leaders within helping the automotive industry forming into digital products and services for the mobility of tomorrow. 

Today The Techno Creatives are 50+ design nerds, tech geeks, and restless entrepreneurs from all over the globe combining design thinking and a startup approach to innovate and challenge the status quo for their clients.

She believes that the world can be a better place, mainly through the execution of new solutions. With the power to think and build digital products, she started her first design-driven technology startup in 2003 programming a touchscreen-based system for restaurants in Bangkok, in the era where the battery of the devices lasted for 1,5 hours. 

Since then, she has started and founded 20 companies in 5 countries. Extensive experience from board and management, both international and domestic. Founder, investor, and fundraiser in several successful startups.
Focus on your business dreams. Automated bookkeeping and economy administration helping entrepreneurs to run thinner businesses free of charge thanks to AI and machine learning. Launched in Sweden and the UK. /
Boating made easy. Navigation control system for smart boating. Now part of Navico, world's largest marine-electronics manufacturer.
Go out and catch that perfect wave. A new generation analog-smartwatch to stay up to date with the current weather conditions. Lifestyle brand within the surf-industry and influencer marketing.
Smart, electric autonomous mobility services for China. First autonomous mobility service to be launched in public with Baidu and Apollo.

G O T H E N B U R G   S H E N Z H EN 
Driving positive change through execution. We tailor iconic experiences, services, and products. 

14 x Red Dot Awards, 
6 x DI Gasell 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 
6 x Ventures

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