Mar 3, 2022, Founders for Ukraine. Due to recent terrible suffering of the Ukrainian people and this threat to the democratic and free society that will change the world order as we know it, the owners of Founders Alliance decided to do what they can to help.

We foresee immediate needs, a large number of refugees and devastated companies for peer founders in Ukraine and have engaged our members. We have sent a first and second batch of specific medical supplies requested via Lietuvos Raudonasis Kryžius / Lithuanian Red Cross, overseen by our Member Andrius Francas in a first immediate response to help. 

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OneMed - the global supplier helping us sourcing the right things and RedCross are establishing a direct relationship on what we built to continue and accelerate this line of support. 

This was implemented through our engagement in charity and through a collaborative initiative with our members. 

Further, many members have engaged in and taken initiatives both providing financial and operational resources to help in different ways through organizations and companies experienced and active for Ukraine.